Arsenal Fans Call Shearer Out for VAR Hypocrisy

Arsenal Fans Call Shearer Out for VAR Hypocrisy

Arsenal fans found solace in Alan Shearer’s dismay following a contentious VAR ruling that went against Newcastle during their pivotal Champions League encounter against Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday.


In the dying moments of the match, Newcastle suffered a devastating blow, conceding a last-minute equalizer due to a universally criticized penalty decision. The incident occurred when Tino Livramento was deemed to have handled the ball from close range after a cross inadvertently struck his chest before grazing his elbow. Referee Szymon Marciniak initially showed no interest until prompted by VAR to review the incident on the monitor. Subsequently, Kylian Mbappe successfully converted the penalty, concluding the match with a 1-1 scoreline and significantly denting Newcastle’s aspirations for progression into the tournament’s knockout stages.


In response to the decision, Newcastle’s revered figure, Alan Shearer, expressed his frustration via a tweet, strongly criticizing the VAR ruling: “Do me a favor, what a regrettable decision. #VAR.”


However, Arsenal supporters swiftly reminded Shearer of his contrasting reaction to a recent VAR controversy that favored Newcastle. In a match earlier this month, Anthony Gordon’s decisive goal against Arsenal was permitted to stand after an extensive review involving potential fouls, offsides, and ball out-of-play situations. While this decision left Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, incensed and facing potential disciplinary action from the FA, Shearer notably endorsed the referee’s call, jubilantly stating, “Well done ref. You’re the man #NEWARS,” at the time.


Several Arsenal fans flooded Shearer’s recent tweet on Tuesday, referencing his past reaction to the earlier VAR incident, suggesting a sense of poetic justice and karma in play.


Newcastle’s manager, Eddie Howe, refrained from expressing as vehement a critique as Arteta had in response to the referee’s call. When asked about the sense of injustice, Howe acknowledged his disagreement with the decision, stating, “Yes, I do. In my opinion, it was an erroneous decision.” He highlighted the complexities surrounding the incident, including the speed and trajectory of the ball, emphasizing Livramento’s running motion and the inadvertent nature of the handball. Howe expressed deep frustration at the late timing of the decision and the lack of recourse available to his team at that juncture.

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