Haaland’s Exit Post Man City vs Spurs: Video Reveals Incident

Haaland’s Exit Post Man City vs Spurs: Video Reveals Incident

Recent footage has surfaced depicting the aftermath of Erling Haaland’s departure from the pitch at the conclusion of the Manchester City versus Tottenham Hotspur game.

In a riveting clash at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday evening, Manchester City faced a stunning 3-3 draw, as a late Dejan Kulusevski goal denied Pep Guardiola’s side a full three points.

At 3-3, City’s opportunity was thwarted when referee Simon Hooper whistled for a foul, despite initially allowing play to continue, denying Jack Grealish a chance to advance on Haaland’s pass.

Following the match, City players, including Haaland, expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision, with the Norwegian striker reacting on social media.

Newly surfaced footage captures Haaland’s reaction at the final whistle, where he was observed shoulder-barging Spurs player Giovani Lo Celso, necessitating Guardiola’s intervention to prevent the situation from escalating.

Addressing the contentious decision, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane stated on Sky Sports, “The referee has erred. It’s a regrettable call, clearly incorrect. Grealish was poised for a goal-scoring opportunity, and credit to him for playing on. However, the decision to retract the advantage was erroneous. This is evident to all.”

Keane further remarked, “It’s an unfortunate decision, but City must scrutinize their own performance for letting Spurs off the hook. They cannot attribute this to the referee.”

Following the draw with Spurs, Manchester City slid to third place in the Premier League standings, as Liverpool’s thrilling 4-3 victory against Fulham propelled them into second place.

The champions are set to return to Premier League action on Wednesday, facing Unai Emery’s Aston Villa at Villa Park.

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