Jeremy Doku’s Parting Shot at Antony and Alignment with Enthusiastic Jack Grealish


Jeremy Doku and Antony, both featuring as late substitutes in the Manchester derby, had a brief but memorable encounter on the pitch. The match at Old Trafford saw Manchester City comfortably secure a 3-0 victory, largely attributed to Erling Haaland’s double and an additional goal from Phil Foden, further solidifying City’s dominance with their eighth win in ten games.



Amid United’s mounting frustration as the game neared its end, an unexpected incident transpired. Antony, newly introduced to the game, was unable to contend with the skillful play of City’s Doku and resorted to a shockingly undisciplined attempt to foul him.



Remarkably, Doku, the £55.5 million signing from Rennes, remained upright and confronted his Brazilian counterpart. Antony’s misconduct didn’t end there, as he impetuously swatted Doku’s hand away when the latter attempted to remonstrate with him. This act resulted in Antony receiving a yellow card and later a stern reprimand from Doku.



Following the match, Doku took to Instagram, sharing an image with the caption, “Stay calm… Manchester is blue,” alluding to his encounter with Antony.



The sentiment that Manchester belonged to City was mirrored in the away dressing room, as Jack Grealish conveyed the same message alongside a picture featuring himself, Erling Haaland, and Bernardo Silva.

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