Must-See: Claudio Echeverri’s Post Argentina U17 Win – The Next Messi?

Must-See: Claudio Echeverri’s Post Argentina U17 Win – The Next Messi?

Claudio Echeverri’s emergence on the global stage was nothing short of sensational as he delivered a hat-trick in Argentina’s resounding 3-0 triumph over Brazil during the U17 World Cup. This pivotal victory secured Diego Placente’s side a berth in the semi-finals, marking a momentous achievement, notably against the reigning champions.

The 17-year-old prodigy, donning the iconic number 10 jersey reminiscent of Lionel Messi, etched his name into the match early on. Just before the half-hour mark, Echeverri showcased his remarkable skill set, orchestrating a mesmerizing run akin to those witnessed in the exuberant playstyle of Miami. His audacious long-range strike, albeit deflected off Vitor Reis, sailed past the helpless Gabriel, breaking the deadlock.

However, labeling Echeverri’s impact based solely on a fortuitously deflected goal would be a grave oversight. His second goal exuded sheer brilliance and finesse. Around the 58th minute, the midfielder exhibited exceptional agility and ball control, effortlessly navigating through two stout tackles. From a seemingly improbable angle, he deftly slotted the ball home, doubling Argentina’s lead and effectively sealing their passage to the next round.

Determined to secure the match ball, Echeverri’s relentless pursuit culminated 19 minutes from time. Executing a seamless combination play with his River Plate compatriot Ruberto, he outpaced a stranded Gabriel and impeccably received Ruberto’s pass to complete his hat-trick, cementing Argentina’s commanding triumph.

The symbiotic understanding between Echeverri and Ruberto, fostered through their shared journey at River Plate since the tender age of 10, was palpable. Echeverri expressed their enduring camaraderie after a convincing 4-0 victory over Poland in Group D, emphasizing their long-standing understanding and commitment to bolstering the team’s prospects.

Ruberto, in praising Echeverri, highlighted the latter’s pivotal role in facilitating opportunities for his teammates, a testament to Echeverri’s multifaceted contributions beyond his scoring prowess. It is unequivocal that Claudio Echeverri left an indelible mark, exhibiting an amalgamation of skill, teamwork, and leadership during his standout performances in Indonesia.

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