Report Alleges Erik ten Hag Lost Support of Over Half Manchester United’s Dressing Room

Report Alleges Erik ten Hag Lost Support of Over Half Manchester United’s Dressing Room

A recent report has surfaced suggesting that Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, has lost the support of approximately “50 per cent of the dressing room.” Following the Red Devils’ narrow 1-0 defeat to Newcastle, pressure has amplified on the Dutch manager, leaving the team in seventh place and trailing league leaders Arsenal by a significant nine-point margin after completing 14 games.

Ten Hag’s challenges, notably struggling in away fixtures against the top nine league clubs, continue to raise concerns. Impressively, the team has only managed to secure a single point from 11 such encounters. With United’s Champions League aspirations diminishing, Ten Hag faces mounting pressure to reverse the team’s fortunes.

In a revelation made by Kaveh Solhekol on Sky Sports, he shed light on the internal rift within the team. The exile of Jadon Sancho has been cited as a contributing factor to this division. Discontent among several players has emerged, primarily centered around the team’s playing style and what they perceive as excessive physical demands during training sessions.

Solhekol articulated, “Several senior players have voiced their apprehensions to Erik ten Hag regarding the team’s trajectory. They advocate for improvements in man-management and a more adaptable approach. However, Ten Hag seems resolute in his methods, showing little inclination to deviate from his established ways.”

Moreover, there’s a prevailing sentiment among certain players that Ten Hag’s coaching style lacks flexibility and is too rigid, constraining the team’s adaptability on the field.

As Manchester United prepares for a pivotal showdown against Chelsea at Old Trafford, this upcoming match could potentially define the trajectory of Ten Hag’s tenure at the helm of the club.

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