“Roy Keane Critiques Pep Guardiola’s Post-Match Chat with Manchester City’s Erling Haaland as ‘All for Show'”

Roy Keane wasn’t one to mince his words as he took aim at Pep Guardiola’s animated post-match chat with Erling Haaland following Manchester City’s emphatic 3-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford.


Haaland, the prolific Norwegian striker, showcased his talent by netting two goals in a commanding City performance.


However, it was the intriguing post-match discussion that seemed to catch Keane’s ire. The fiery pundit suggested, “It’s all a bit of theater, isn’t it? These conversations should happen behind the dressing room doors. Why make a spectacle of it?”


While Keane’s co-pundit, Micah Richards, praised Haaland’s header, labeling it as “exquisite,” Keane remained unmoved in his view. He retorted, “Certainly, it’s a fantastic header, but there’s no need for an extended chat right there on the pitch. Let’s head down the tunnel and savor the victory.”


In the contest itself, Haaland’s star shone brightly. He notched his first goal from the penalty spot in the first half, followed by a commanding header in the early stages of the second half. Haaland then turned provider, setting up Phil Foden for City’s third and final goal, sealing a convincing derby win.


While the match on the field was an impressive display, the off-field commentary added another layer of drama to the proceedings.

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