Sergio Ramos Surprises by Awarding Shakira at Latin Grammys for Controversial Gerard Pique Track

Sergio Ramos Surprises by Awarding Shakira at Latin Grammys for Controversial Gerard Pique Track


In a vibrant twist of events, the illustrious Latin Grammys witnessed a remarkable moment as the charismatic Sergio Ramos took the stage to bestow upon Colombian songstress Shakira the coveted ‘Best Song of the Year’ award. What made this win intriguing was the song’s sharp lyrics, a piercing ode to her former flame, Gerard Pique.

The tale of Shakira and Pique’s parting ways echoed through the corridors of fame in June last year, following an eleven-year romantic saga. Their joint announcement emphasized shielding their children from the spotlight, marking a solemn period for Shakira, who divulged it to be among her darkest hours.

Venturing into the music realm in January this year, Shakira unboxed a song peppered with allusions to her erstwhile beau, Pique. Despite its eyebrow-raising content, her track ‘Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53’ clinched not one but two prestigious Latin Grammy awards: ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Pop Song of the Year.’ Furthermore, her collaboration with Karol G on ‘TQG’ triumphed as ‘Best Urban and Fusion Performance.’

The unexpected appearance of Sergio Ramos, once a fellow warrior on the Real Madrid battlefield with Pique, lent an air of intrigue to the ceremony. Ramos graced the occasion, presenting the accolade to Shakira, igniting a digital whirlwind of conversation.

During her stirring acceptance speech, Shakira’s heartwarming dedication of the win to her children was accompanied by an acknowledgment of the tumultuous journey she navigated in the past year. She extended heartfelt gratitude to her loyal Spanish fans for their unwavering support during her trials.

In a candid tête-à-tête with Billboard in September, Shakira unmasked her thoughts on the storm surrounding her music and the bold choice to lay bare her relationship with Pique. Defending her artistic prerogative, she dismissed the diplomatic cloak, asserting her role as an artist who finds solace and catharsis in music. Her melodies, she claimed, became anthems for countless women, echoing their sentiments and granting them a voice.

Thus, Shakira’s musical odyssey has not only been a canvas for her own emotional voyage but also a resonating anthem empowering those who tread a similar path.

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