VAR ‘Loophole’ Allows Anthony Gordon’s Goal to Stand Against Arsenal

The explanation for why Anthony Gordon’s goal against Arsenal was allowed to stand has finally come to light. In the match at St James’ Park, the Gunners suffered a 1-0 defeat after Gordon’s goal sparked controversy around the hour mark.

Subsequent camera angles have emerged, suggesting that the ball may have crossed the line before reaching Gordon. However, VAR concluded that there was insufficient evidence to definitively determine this.

Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, did not mince words in his criticism of VAR, branding its decision to award the goal a “disgrace” and expressing his “embarrassment” at being associated with the Premier League in a lengthy, impassioned critique that lasted for three minutes.

Furthermore, VAR conducted checks to ascertain whether a foul was committed on Gabriel Magalhaes in the build-up to the goal and also reviewed whether Gordon was in an offside position when Joelinton headed the ball down to him.

The reason for allowing Gordon’s goal to stand has now been disclosed, and it is likely to further vex Arsenal supporters. According to reports from Sky Sports, the goal was permitted because there was “no available angle to see the point of contact” from Joelinton. Essentially, the officials could not ascertain the precise moment when Joelinton last touched the ball, rendering it impossible to definitively determine whether Gordon was in an offside position.

In his post-match comments, a visibly infuriated Arteta expressed his exasperation, stating, “We have to address the result because we need to discuss how this goal was allowed to stand. It’s incredible. I feel embarrassed, but I have to be the one to come in here and try to defend the club and request assistance because it’s an absolute disgrace that this goal was permitted.”

When questioned about his strong words, Arteta explained further: “Because it’s not a legitimate goal, for several reasons. It’s not a legitimate goal for more than one reason, at the very least. There’s too much at stake here. We invest a tremendous amount of effort; it’s extremely challenging to compete at this level. It’s an absolute disgrace. I feel embarrassed. I’ve been in this country for over 20 years, and the current state of affairs is nowhere near the standard to claim it as the world’s best league.”

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