Chelsea vs Brighton: VAR Confusion Clarified, Seagulls Denied Late Penalty

Chelsea vs Brighton: VAR Confusion Clarified, Seagulls Denied Late Penalty

The perplexing VAR confusion encircling Brighton and Hove Albion’s late penalty appeal against Chelsea has been clarified.

At Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon, Chelsea and Brighton engaged in a riveting encounter. Chelsea secured a crucial 3-2 victory, fueled by Enzo Fernandez’s brace and Levi Colwill’s goal, while Facundo Buonanotte and Joao Pedro found the net for the Seagulls.

In the match’s dying moments, referee Craig Pawson initially awarded Brighton a penalty for an alleged handball by Colwill. However, following a VAR review, it was evident that the ball struck Colwill’s face, leading to the overturning of the penalty decision.

Amidst confusion, notably among the Brighton players, the match recommenced with a drop ball, prompting Brighton’s argument that as the ball hit Colwill before going out, it should have resulted in a corner.

Subsequently, clarification emerged that the referee rightly opted for a drop ball to restart the match after the VAR reversal, aligning with the current regulations.

Journalist Ben Jacobs clarified the situation on social media, stating, “Regarding Brighton’s late penalty appeal, the ball unmistakably struck Levi Colwill’s face, yet Craig Pawson initially awarded a penalty. He then reviewed it via VAR and appropriately corrected the decision. The change in call warranted a drop ball, not a Brighton corner, conforming to the proper application of the rules.”

Commenting on the incident, Chelsea’s manager, Pochettino, remarked, “The sequence of events surrounding the penalty and the VAR check for Colwill’s handball raises questions. It’s puzzling why the penalty was initially given and then reviewed. It’s not about criticism or complaints, but the use of VAR can be perplexing at times. However, we’re content with the win.”

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