Villarreal’s Brereton Diaz Denied Spectacular Winner by Controversial VAR Call

Villarreal’s Brereton Diaz Denied Spectacular Winner by Controversial VAR Call

The utilization of VAR continues to be a contentious issue in football, transcending leagues. Villarreal found themselves at the heart of the latest controversy during their La Liga encounter with Sevilla.

Sevilla’s Kike Salas struck first in the 75th minute, only to be rapidly equalized by Jose Luis Morales for Villarreal just two minutes later. The decisive moment came when substitute Ben Brereton Diaz appeared to secure victory for Villarreal in the 95th minute, skillfully maneuvering past Sevilla’s defense and netting the ball. However, a protracted VAR review concluded that Brereton Diaz had made contact with Salas while advancing towards the goal, nullifying the potential winning goal.

Post-match, Villarreal’s CEO, Fernando Roig Negueroles, delivered a scathing critique of VAR and advocated for a reformation in the selection process of match officials. Roig expressed bewilderment at the decision, citing the technology’s intended purpose to reduce errors, not exacerbate them. He criticized the intervention of VAR in a situation where the referee was well-positioned and deemed the call unnecessary.

Roig emphasized the detrimental impact of such incidents on Spanish football and highlighted the need for VAR to function as a facilitator, not a hindrance. He underscored the necessity for specialized VAR professionals rather than relying solely on former referees, emphasizing the detrimental portrayal of football in the current climate.

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