Son Heung-min, Tottenham Captain, Decries Team’s ‘Unacceptable’ Five-Match Winless Streak

Son Heung-min, Tottenham Captain, Decries Team’s ‘Unacceptable’ Five-Match Winless Streak

Regrettably, Tottenham’s sequence of five matches without a victory has drawn Son Heung-min’s ire, branding it as “unacceptable.” The recurring pattern of securing leads and then relinquishing them has culminated in an unwelcome Premier League record for the team.

Son, the team’s captain, aired his discontent following their recent 2-1 defeat to West Ham, despite Cristian Romero’s early goal providing an initial advantage. His frustration stemmed from Tottenham’s recurrent failure to hold onto their leads, a recurring theme that prompted Son to question the team’s resolve and fortitude in crucial moments of matches.

The South Korean forward bemoaned the team’s perceived vulnerability and lack of assertiveness during critical junctures, attributing this perceived weakness to their recent struggles in securing victories. Despite voicing his disappointment, Son shouldered the responsibility, urging every player within the squad to take ownership and step up their performance levels.

Additionally, Son’s own involvement in the West Ham clash was curtailed due to a back injury, raising doubts about his fitness for the impending fixture against Newcastle. While optimistic about his recovery, Son stressed the imperative for swift recuperation and a robust comeback, emphasizing the team’s need for a prompt response after their recent downturn.

Looking ahead, Son emphasized the significance of learning from their setbacks and swiftly moving past the disappointing run of results. He urged the team to confront the challenge head-on, rectify their errors, and demonstrate a resolute and proactive approach in the upcoming encounter against Newcastle, recognizing the urgency for a decisive rebound.

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