Video shows Sergio Ramos in disbelief after receiving two red cards in a strange moment.

Sergio Ramos got two red cards in one match, something even new for him.

He was playing for Sevilla against Real Sociedad and they lost 2-1. In this game, two players from Sevilla got sent off, including Ramos.

Ramos got his second yellow card for fouling Brais Mendez when Real Sociedad was winning 2-1. The referee used a video review but then changed the decision to give Ramos a straight red card instead.

This left Sevilla with only nine players on the field towards the end of the game.

Ramos has received 29 red cards in his career, but this one was unusual even for him.

He returned to his childhood team, Sevilla, after leaving Paris Saint-Germain. But things aren’t going well for Sevilla, currently sitting 15th in the league with only two wins from 13 games.

Ramos is a very successful player, winning many titles and playing a lot for Spain in international matches.

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