Newcastle Fans Attacked by PSG Ultras | Champions League

Newcastle Fans Attacked by PSG Ultras | Champions League

Videos on social media show Newcastle fans being attacked in Paris on Monday night. People dressed in black with masks threw chairs and flares at a pub where the Newcastle fans were. These fans are in Paris for a football match against Paris Saint-Germain. They were just minding their own business when the attack happened.

In the videos, glasses were thrown, and windows looked broken during the fight. This happened a day before the important game between the two teams.

A social media account related to Newcastle United shared a photo of people who were looking for the Newcastle fans and told them to stay safe in Paris.



A journalist said it was sad to see this happen. UEFA, the football organization, thought this match might have problems, so they planned for more police and security.

Yesterday, it was clear on social media that some people from the other team attacked the place where many Newcastle fans were. It’s sad and disappointing. The security at the stadium will be much better today. Hopefully, the Newcastle fans won’t face any trouble.

Someone from the Newcastle United Supporters’ Club said that a group of fans were told to leave one place by the police and went to another place. There, about 30 people from the other team came and threw things at the windows and doors. Thankfully, no one got badly hurt.

The advice is for everyone to stay together and take care of each other.

This reminds people of an earlier incident in the Champions League when a Newcastle fan was hurt in Milan.

Newcastle’s team is at the bottom of their group in the Champions League and needs to win to keep their chance of moving forward in the tournament.


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